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2,100 Nazi camps mapped

2009_09_30_map.jpgNazi concentration camps

Discover the first comprehensive map of detention facilities in Nazi Germany, the Benelux countries, France and Central Europe.

2,100 Nazi camps and prisons are mapped by the Belgian National Institute for Veterans and Victims of War and the Belgian National Geographic Institute.


Discover the first comprehensive map of Nazi concentration camps and other detention centres

The new map is an indispensable tool for education and remembrance. The map is the most comprehensive ever realized to date on the subject of the Nazi concentration camps. It pinpoints more than 2,100 locations spread from northern France to the Ukraine:
  • concentration camps
  • extermination camps
  • ‘kommandos’
  • Nazi prisons
  • transit camps for deportation
  • Jewish labour camps
  • POW camps
  • re-education camps
  • forced labour camps
  • etc.

All camps have been carefully identified, categorized and indexed.

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The map is sent to any address in Europe for EUR 14,5 (postage included). Slightly higher rates apply for the US and other countries. Order your copy today by sending an e-mail to Dit e-mailadres is beschermd door spambots, u heeft Javascript nodig om dit onderdeel te kunnen bekijken

The map is the result of a search that lasted two years and a successful collaboration between the Belgian National Institute for Veterans and Victims of War and the National Geographic Institute.

The Belgian National Institute for Veterans and Victims of War provides social assistance and moral support to Belgian men and women who fought and continue to fight for the nation’s freedom. The institute is responsible for veterans and war victims’ health care, social assistance and remembrance.

The National Geographical Institute (IGN-NGI) is a public company under the civil authority of the Belgian minister of Defence. Previously producer of paper charts, IGN has evolved to become the lead agency in matters of information and geographic services in Belgium.