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How to choose a soldier?

Do you want to tell the story of a soldier from the British Commonwealth (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or New Zealand)?

1. It is possible that there is a Commonwealth war cemetery in your municipality. If it's not the case, it is also possible that Commonwealth soldiers are buried in a town near you.

2. Then go to the website of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (, click on "Search our records" for the name of your cemetery.

3. While your on the page of the cemetery of your choice, click on "Cemetery Reports" at the bottom of the page. There you'll find a list of all Commonwealth soldiers buried in this cemetery.
4. Select a soldier of the Second World War (see the date of death). The information about your soldier will appear.

5. Check on that is not yet a fan page made for your soldier.

Do you want to tell the story of an American soldier?

1. Go to the website of the American Battle Monuments Commission ( and click on "Search ABMC Databases - World War II". Choose the name of a cemetery.
There are two main American cemeteries in Belgium: Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial.

2. Select 'ALL' for the "State" field and  choose one of two American cemeteries in Belgium in the field "Cemetery".
3. You get an alphabetical list of all the American soldiers buried in the cemetery of your choice.

4. Select a soldier and check if a fan page has already been created in honour of your soldier.

Other ways to proceed

    * You can visit the municipal cemetery of your town or a cemetery "outside" of your city.
* You can take a look at This website provides a list of all war cemeteries in Belgium.